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What's the Best Air Pump?

1.2-in-1 Electric Air Pump for inflation and deflation ➠ is very suitable for home and outdoor use, especially for travel and outdoor activities. The electric Air Pump can be used for inflatable boats, air cushions, floats, toys, etc. Note: We do not recommend him to use it for balloons.
The universal USB cable can meet your different charging needs. The NEWO electric air pump can be charged in your vehicle. You can also use the adapter with the interface, such as mobile phone adapter, power bank, computer, etc. Note: When charging, please make sure the voltage is 5V USB interface.
2.Rechargeable electric compressor ➠ electric air pump with rechargeable battery. The total charging time is about 5 hours. Unlike ordinary air pumps, it can be used without plugging in, which is a more convenient way for you. Please note: Air pumps cannot be used during inflation.
3.Including 3 interconnected nozzles ➠ We have 3 nozzles of different sizes-S, M and L in the electric air cushion pump. Nozzle size S is suitable for small inflatable products, such as swimming rings, inflatable pillows, etc.; M size is used to inflate inflatable pools or seats; L size is used to inflate inflatable mattresses, pools or boats, different sizes of nozzles can be adapted to most Inflatable products.
Small size, light weight, easy to carry. The electric pump is small in size, light in weight and compact in structure. Not only does it save storage space, but it can be everywhere. Bring it and enjoy the beautiful journey!

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