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New Portable Tire Inflator-BP198


The many benefits of owning a car Air Pump are as follows:

1. Most tire leaks are caused by small metal sharp bodies such as nails, iron pieces, parts, etc., which will not leak out the tire air, but slowly leak. Often the tire pressure is still sufficient when the driver stops. After driving a few hours later, I found that the tire was flat. Even if you can call for rescue, even if you can repair the tire for free, you have to wait a long time. The time cost can not be consumed. In case of emergency, it is more troublesome to use a car. If the tire is forced to drive, the tire shoulders will be worn if the tire pressure is seriously insufficient. The flat tire will basically be useless after a few kilometers. Not only the tire, but the wheel hub will also be deformed and scrapped, and it will cause damage to the chassis, brake system, and suspension system. Estimated damage.

2. Too high or low tire pressure is not good, affecting tire life. Too low tire pressure will increase tire contact area and accelerate shoulder wear. Too high will cause the tire cord to be excessively stretched and deformed, and the carcass elasticity will decrease. The overall imbalance of the four tires will cause the car to deviate and accelerate tire wear. Both are the main causes of tire accidents. With the on-board air pump, you can adjust the tire pressure at any time, saving you the trouble of finding an auto repair shop.

3. Not only can you use it yourself, but also help others.

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